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vegan eggnog cake

Growing up, eggnog was never a part of my family’s Christmas food traditions. I always thought the stuff was weird and dangerous because of all the raw eggs. The first time I had eggnog I must have been 18 or 19 and it was a pasteurized version from a carton. Completely safe, right? Not at all. My youthful suspicions proved to be true, as I discovered eggnog is dangerously addictive. All that sugar, nutmeg, and milk fat is a recipe…

whole wheat applesauce spice cake on a plate

Somewhere along the way, we lost our way…and our manners. Saying thank you is now optional. Just think about it. It’s now the norm for people to post a  picture on social media and tag it with the caption “You’re Welcome.” Sure, it’s a pithy way of relating to our friends, family, and followers, but I’m going to take a stretch here and say it’s a byproduct of the pervasive sense of entitlement slowly taking over our society. I mean…


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