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bubbly peach cobbler

 Ahhh, cobbler a.k.a the poor man’s pie. What a misnomer.  Cobbler should really be nicknamed the smart man’s pie. Smart men (and women) know their limitations. They know pie crusts are hard work. They know when to invest their time, energy, and patience into an unforgiving mass of dough. And they know when not to. Sometimes you roll out the dough, sometimes you just go with the flow. This is a time for the latter.

Zero Wholesome Sweetners

Statements like this annoy me. Ever said this? Maybe you just don’t like desserts my friend. Desserts are supposed to be sweet. I get it though. I have a sweet tooth, but I too am put off by cloying caramel cake pops and surfeit scoops of mocha marshmallow maple ice cream. Seriously, we need to chill with the sugar in America. And this is coming from someone who sometimes judges restaurants based on the quality of their desserts. Sugar is…

adding butter to curd

Meyer Lemons are sublime. They are sweet and only slightly sour and bursting with bright floral notes. They make me wish I lived in California where their fragrant goodness is teeming during the fall and winter months. Alas, I live in the real world aka the East Coast (mid-Atlantic), where meyers tend to arrive in select stores in late January and disappear from the produce section by mid-March. Every year I attempt to stock up on them and scratch some…

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