Today, my sister and I were talking about how much we dislike New Year’s Eve. She more than I, but I find myself agreeing with her assessment of the last day of the year. We assign so much significance to attending the most spectacular soiree, picking the perfect outfit, and declaring how the next day will be the start of  “our year.” These efforts seem highly speculative and rooted in shallowness. 

I know, I know. Pessimist much?

Maybe the joyful anticipation Americans tie to New Year’s Eve isn’t such a bad thing. Milestones are good. They help us set benchmarks, track our progress and most importantly, force us to have goals, and no matter how unrealistic, it’s always nice to dream.

My hope for the coming year is that God will give me the strength to accept any challenges and receive any blessings coming my way. It’s what I prayed last year, and as usual the Lord proved faithful.  In 2013, I had major surgery, had my purse and cell phone stolen and tried to get a handle of the severe disappointment I felt toward some people close to me. A fall week was spent in the hospice watching my grandmother slowly drift from this life into the next.  But the blessings were there. My grandmother is no longer suffering, I SURVIVED major surgery, and I took some time to do a reassessment of the role certain folks play in my life.

And… I bought a house!!! I mean a whole house, with a nice kitchen and large pantry. I’m alive and kicking with plenty of energy, physical and creative, and I’m eager to whip up more satisfying delights, which I will chronicle here. So no matter what happens, 2014 will certainly be “my year.”

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