Happy Thanksgiving! A special treat from me to you today: 


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maple pie-2

It’s high pie season! Break out your rolling pins and your superhuman forearm strength. Those apples, sweet potatoes, and pecans have been patiently waiting to be decked out with butter, sugar and spices. I suppose every season is pie season, but once November rolls around, it’s no holds barred. Everyone is baking pies. I’m sure you have your holiday favorites lined up. My favorite is sweet potato (of course). But this year, let’s experiment. Try something new.  Continue reading→

brussels sprout hash on plate

ALL STRESSED OUT AND NO ONE TO CHOKE–all caps, red background, blue text. In college, this was one of my recurring AIM away messages. Balancing school work, a part-time job, and the publication of a monthly newspaper seemed stress inducing at the time, but compared to the home buying process, it now looks like a walk in the park. Buying a house is stressful and eats up all of your time and energy and almost makes you want to choke people. 

Last Saturday was the first day in two weeks where I didn’t have to fill out any forms, scan documents, run errands, or meet up with anyone. I had been looking forward to it all week. “If I can just make it to Friday night, I’m good.”  Continue reading→


“It’s the new spinach.” Ringing up what was probably his 99th bag of kale that day, the Trader Joe’s cashier theorized to the woman in line ahead of me. 

Yes, kale is everywhere these days. You can drink your kale, eat your kale, and then encourage everyone else to do so by tacking an Eat More Kale bumper sticker on your car. This latest food craze confounds me, because I have been eating the sturdy green for as long as I can remember. My grandmother cooked greens often, usually collard and mustard (my favorite), but would occasionally switch things up with some curly kale or turnip.

Kale is full of flavor, hearty, and open to so many different interpretations. Poor spinach. It’s now the equivalent of the ubiquitous extrovert watching his star diminish. Now everyone wants to eat kale and be an introvert. Well, you’re not an introvert

After years of being called weird, hearing “you don’t talk,” and people attempting to force you to go out, I find it interesting that everyone is claiming introversion these days. Introverts have always been here…on the sidelines…eating kale…alone, and wondering why people love spinach so much.

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roast chicken on a platter

This was the funniest thing I read on the Internets all week. It became even funnier after reading the original article referenced.

“This can’t be real.”

“Is this a joke”

“Oh my. I can’t even.”

“Who would cut a cake with a sword?”

I hope this roasted chicken  is the best meal you eat this week. And please don’t use a saber to carve into it.

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