sweet potatoes rosemary on a plate

He has to exist. She’s out there somewhere. Even if it’s impossible to fathom, just know there are people out in the world who don’t like sweet potatoes.  And then there are people like me, who can’t imagine life without the orange-hued superfood. Sweet potatoes are “my thing.” I’ve prepared them dozens of ways and I’m constantly coming up with new ways to incorporate them in my diet.  Whether souped up for a stew, styled for a sweet side dish, or dressed up in herbs, sweet potatoes are constantly winning over my heart.

salt on sweet potatoes

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carrot tarragon soup

This past spring I started an indoor herb garden. French tarragon, sage, lavender, thyme and rosemary imported a Mediterranean viridity to my apartment. On sunny days when it wasn’t too humid, they took their efflorescent beauty alfresco. Whether perched upon my balcony ledge or through my living room window, they soaked up every bit of sunshine they could and flourished.  

Toward the end of the summer I moved, which caused me a great deal of stress. Apparently my herbs weren’t too fond of moving either. One by one, they died…all except my resilient rosemary plant. 

My tarragon was the last to leave. I thought she would make it. This was very upsetting as fresh tarragon is so expensive to buy in the store and hard to come by during the winter months. Although not as pricey, dried tarragon will still set you back a few dollars.

With its slightly sweet, licorice-like flavor, tarragon is truly a delightful herb, bringing a certain “je ne sais quois” to classic French fare. It startlingly heightens the flavor of poultry, fish and vegetables. Crisp white wine and vinegar are tarragon’s trusty companions, but the delicate herb can hold its own when paired with the bold flavors of citrus or mint.
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vegan banana pumpkin bread on plate

Remember those paper fortune tellers you used to make back in the day?

paper fortune teller

Well, this past Sunday a few of the kids in my church school class decided to make paper fortune tellers out of offering envelopes. How clever. Right in the middle of the lesson on the Good Samaritan, there they were, hard at work folding and shaping and manipulating to their heart’s content. Until I caught them red handed.  One student was surprised  I knew what the little paper contraptions were. I had to school her.  I usually picked the color purple and the number four. I’m old, but not that old. 

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scary jack-o-latern

Halloween is upon us. Are you scared?  If not, you should be, because Americans’ stupidity on October 31st never fails to induce the most cringe worthy of sights. People are all kinds of confused about this holiday. They honestly don’t know what to do with themselves when it rolls around. Well, I’m hear to help. And I’ve enlisted the help of the Internets to answer some of the most pressing questions regarding All Hallows’ Eve. 


“Danielle, I’m not black, but I want to be Michelle Obama this Halloween. Is it okay if I dress in blackface as part of my costume?”

Answer: http://shouldidressinblackfacethishalloween.com/


“I’m a Christian. Is it okay if I celebrate Halloween?”

Answer: Read Is Halloween Good or Evil? (via Relevant magazine). Then you make the call.







Prune Cobbler is: 

  • a. Intriguing
  • b. A Delicious Dessert
  • c. Something I would feed my dog
  • d. A  dish Adele Wayne made her chipmunk Dwayne Wayne

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