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roast chicken on a platter

This was the funniest thing I read on the Internets all week. It became even funnier after reading the original article referenced. “This can’t be real.” “Is this a joke” “Oh my. I can’t even.” “Who would cut a cake with a sword?” I hope this roasted chicken  is the best meal you eat this week. And please don’t use a saber to carve into it.

carrot tarragon soup

This past spring I started an indoor herb garden. French tarragon, sage, lavender, thyme and rosemary imported a Mediterranean viridity to my apartment. On sunny days when it wasn’t too humid, they took their efflorescent beauty alfresco. Whether perched upon my balcony ledge or through my living room window, they soaked up every bit of sunshine they could and flourished.   Toward the end of the summer I moved, which caused me a great deal of stress. Apparently my herbs…