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brussels sprout and fennel slaw

Thank you to the person who cleared up the misconception regarding brussels sprouts. It’s kind of hard to fathom it now, but back in the day, brussels sprouts used to have a bad rap. Poor little green cabbages. They use to be the bane of many a child’s dinner hour. Today there is no shortage of brussels sprout recipes. My preferred method of enjoying them is definitely roasting:  Add red onion, drizzle with olive oil, season with salt and freshly…

parsnip and fennel soup-3

When it comes to winter, overindulgence seems to be the name of the game. The cold and dreary weather implores us to stay inside and stay warm by the fireplace…with eggnog and pie. We venture out for the family gatherings, the festive parties, and the football games. There we snack on chips, cookies, cake and more pie. And our cold-weather fashion makes us forget about all that overeating. Big puffy coats and oversized sweaters work miracles, at least on the…

roast chicken on a platter

This was the funniest thing I read on the Internets all week. It became even funnier after reading the original article referenced. “This can’t be real.” “Is this a joke” “Oh my. I can’t even.” “Who would cut a cake with a sword?” I hope this roasted chicken  is the best meal you eat this week. And please don’t use a saber to carve into it.