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maple butternut squash bread

Leave it to me to complicate things. This butternut squash bread requires two additional steps normally not found in quick bread recipes. Instead of adding whole eggs to the wet ingredients, egg whites are whipped and then gently folded in with the rest of the batter. So is it still a quick bread? I think so and a darn good one, that happens to have no white sugar or cholesterol. Buttery maple syrup and creamy roasted butternut squash give the…

whole wheat applesauce spice cake on a plate

Somewhere along the way, we lost our way…and our manners. Saying thank you is now optional. Just think about it. It’s now the norm for people to post a  picture on social media and tag it with the caption “You’re Welcome.” Sure, it’s a pithy way of relating to our friends, family, and followers, but I’m going to take a stretch here and say it’s a byproduct of the pervasive sense of entitlement slowly taking over our society. I mean…

maple pie-2

It’s high pie season! Break out your rolling pins and your superhuman forearm strength. Those apples, sweet potatoes, and pecans have been patiently waiting to be decked out with butter, sugar and spices. I suppose every season is pie season, but once November rolls around, it’s no holds barred. Everyone is baking pies. I’m sure you have your holiday favorites lined up. My favorite is sweet potato (of course). But this year, let’s experiment. Try something new. 


“It’s the new spinach.” Ringing up what was probably his 99th bag of kale that day, the Trader Joe’s cashier theorized to the woman in line ahead of me.  Yes, kale is everywhere these days. You can drink your kale, eat your kale, and then encourage everyone else to do so by tacking an Eat More Kale bumper sticker on your car. This latest food craze confounds me, because I have been eating the sturdy green for as long as…

bubbly peach cobbler

 Ahhh, cobbler a.k.a the poor man’s pie. What a misnomer.  Cobbler should really be nicknamed the smart man’s pie. Smart men (and women) know their limitations. They know pie crusts are hard work. They know when to invest their time, energy, and patience into an unforgiving mass of dough. And they know when not to. Sometimes you roll out the dough, sometimes you just go with the flow. This is a time for the latter.